Social Responsibility

Saving Lives, Saving Nature LS Mills Limited takes powerful socially responsible measures that nurture the society

  • Green Energy

    LS Mills uses renewable sources of energy wind mills contribute to the major sources of power.

  • Recycling and reuse of water

    99% of water is purified and recycled by biological and RO methods

  • Rain Water Harvesting

    Our buildings are designed to save and reuse rain water

  • Health Care and safety

    Regular first aid and fire safety trainings are provided to all our employees.

    Periodical health checkups, are organized for all employees and their families.

  • Better Cotton Initiative

    We are a part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) which is a non-profit organization that promotes better standards in cotton farming and practices across 24 countries. The initiative now represents around 12% of global cotton production worldwide.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Gifting A New Lease Of Life

    Driving social transformation by active participation in the welfare projects that brings change in the society. We have provided local government schools with smart class.

  • Sports Academy

    To encourage sports in our society, we have started a sports academy to promote sports in the society from rural areas. We providing them the necessary facilities and coaching, the aim to develop future stars to represent our country.