About Us

From a vision born in 1979 in Theni, a small hamlet in Tamil Nadu, South India to a group with a well entrenched presence in spinning, weaving and made ups, LS Mills has grown from strength to strength.

Its visionary management, its passion for innovation and its commitment to excellence has fuelled its growth. The LS Mills empire is built on a bedrock of values: putting its people first, scaling up to the next level of technology and always being able to travel the extra mile for its clientele and associates

With every growth ring, the group travels a step further: by creating more value and by enriching its capabilities.

At LS Mills, growth is all about the synergy of vital elements:people, technology and innovation.

Headed by Mr S.Manivannan the Managing Director, the group is managed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals. This has ensured that the group maintains a steady growth curve, whilst paving way for its people to embrace newer technologies.

The group has consistently invested in technology and has helped it create a vertically integrated entity. With an integrated spinning, weaving and fabric manufacturing facility,each division functions as an independent profit centre.

Innovation is one of the keystones of the group, be it in technology led initiatives or in exploring different possibilities. This is made possible by creating a free-spirited work culture, allowing people to nurture creativity.